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David McNease, executive director

David was born and raised in a small town in South Georgia. Although he grew up in a stable and loving home, addiction still managed to take over his life at a young age. After nearly 10 years of running from his fears and problems with drugs and alcohol, David realized he needed to make a change. He took his first steps toward recovery in 2012 by accepting treatment in Kentucky. Although resistant at first, by the time David entered an extended care sober living facility, he was ready to adopt a new lifestyle.

Early in sobriety, David knew it was his calling to help others battling addiction. He accepted a job with an extended care sober living facility in North Carolina providing 24/7 support within their facility. He then spent 2 years working with a wilderness based treatment center managing a treatment program for 15 men. Seeing a need in the Greenville area, David decided to start a program of his own that combines the treatment styles he has learned through his personal and professional journey with addiction treatment. He hopes to create a brotherhood with a bond that cannot be broken and encourage others to create an enjoyable, sober life.

Lucas coleman-socia, program director

Raised in Charleston, Lucas is a South Carolina native who turned to drugs and alcohol at age 14. Despite multiple school and geographical changes, many medications, psychiatry visits, and countless inpatient and outpatient treatments, he could not free himself from the hold of addiction. After 11 years of fighting an uphill battle with sobriety, Lucas accepted treatment in Asheville, North Carolina that led him to a fulfilling, sober life. His new lifestyle was not effortless. Struggling with self doubt and a lack of confidence in how to live sober, Lucas found support through multiple step-down programs to help his transition and increase his chances of success. After 9 months of receiving the structure and support of sober living homes, he was ready to independently embrace his new lifestyle

Lucas was able to continue working in construction as he always had, but he began to feel urged to provide others with the patience and support he received during his transition to sober living. Shortly after, he and David began working on a new program that would later become Greenville Transitions. Lucas is excited to return to South Carolina and share his home state with others.

andrew fernandez, recovery coach 

Andrew was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He grew up with a loving family and plenty of support that nourished his love for adventure. Andrew enjoyed fishing, skateboarding, biking, art and fireworks. Even after being showered with love, addiction still managed to take hold of Andrew’s life at the young age of fifteen. After years of struggling with addiction, he found recovery through wilderness treatment and transitional living. During his personal journey to recovery, Andrew discovered a passion for helping others who struggle with addiction. This led him to finding a job as a wilderness field guide and recovery coach at a well known wilderness-based drug and alcohol treatment center. There, Andrew developed and refined the tools necessary for helping young men begin their own path to recovery through therapy, physical activity, and a strong community atmosphere. Check out the video above to learn more about Andrew’s story.



We are lucky enough at Greenville Transitions to be partnering with Dr. David Moore who provides all of the psychiatric needs for residents in our program. Check out his philosophy and video if you would like to get to know him! You can also check out his website here!

“I was trained to prescribe medicine in an evidence-based approach. What does that mean? It means I want to use the right medicine, at the right dose, at the right time, keeping the medicine as minimal as possible, only prescribing what is needed. I am not a psychiatrist that just keeps adding and adding medicine - that approach never leads to desirable results.” - Dr. David Moore


At Greenville Transitions we have a wonderful partnership with Hope For Families Recovery Center. Hope For Families offers an array of services to our guys here at Greenville Transitions. They provide all of our individual and group therapy and create an awesome atmosphere for recovery. They also provide IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) and recovery monitoring services as needed.

The Hope For Families team is dually trained in addictions and mental health with a unique and tailored approach for helping the entire family heal from the disease of addiction. Each of our young men in recovery will be assigned an individual therapist to help them uncover any underlying issues that could be triggering the addiction, while also processing any personal or family challenges. To learn more about Hope For Families, their staff, and their services, please visit their website here!


The Hope For Families Team

The Hope For Families Team

Family Therapy

Meet Campbell Manning. Campbell works with the families of the residents here at Greenville Transitions.

Intervention Services

If your loved one is having trouble accepting help, an intervention may be a good place to start. Greenville Transitions has partnered with Sam Wells out of Charleston, SC for intervention services.

'As owner of Sam Wells Addiction Interventions, LCC, Sam Wells takes pride in helping others through the process of recovery. Sam is no stranger to addiction. She knows all too well both sides, experiencing her own personal recovery as well as the impact this disease plays on family members. Through Sam’s own personal intervention and experience helping others with this disease, spurred the passion which led to the opening of Sam Wells Addiction Interventions, LLC.

Through the scope of her career, Sam has aligned herself with some of the finest mental health professionals and addiction treatment facilities in the field, which continue to play a significant part in her career development. Through these relationships, Sam has the opportunity to provide to her clients some of the best resources to better assist families and their loved ones along this process of recovery. Sam considers it a privilege to serve on the Board of WakeUp:Carolina, a nonprofit community outreach that provides awareness of the catastrophic heroin and opiate epidemic sweeping the nation.

Sam can be reached at samwellsinterventions@gmail.com or you can request that we initiate contact for you in our ‘Take Action’ tab.