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Sober Living Program Overview

We are posting this video to educate families on the services that we, at Greenville Transitions, provide for young men in early recovery. I have been getting phone calls from families asking about our program and when I tell them who we are and what we do, often times I get the response, ” I have never heard of a sober living like this before! ” We have a very specific model and there is a reason our recovery residence is set up the way that it is. We want to give these young men the best chance at maintaining long term sobriety.

This video explains what we are about regardless of what you want to call it. We prefer the term Recovery Residence, but there are so many names thrown out such as… Sober Living, Halfway House, Aftercare, Transitional House, Sober Home, Transitional Living and the list goes on. So check out this video and even if our program isn’t a fit for you or your loved one, it may give you some good information and ideas of questions to ask the next facility you look into.

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